Gardens Beyond The Clouds

Gardens Beyond The Clouds







In this project experimentation and research lead back to one of the founding thoughts of the modern movement: those 5 points for “une nouvelle architecture” by Le Corbusier: pilotis, toit jardin, plan libre, fénetre en longeur, façade libre.

In the residential complex, the canonical relationship between air and built mass is subverted: a new body of volumes in which the voids generated are vastly outnumber the solids. The volumes follow the idea, disintegrating and juxtaposing, seemingly haphazardly, but according to a rigorous logic played on rhythmic alterations and studied asymmetries. Everything gives a sense of movement, fluidity, dynamism, lightness, a design freedom aimed at the search for compositional balance and harmony of the overall image.

The desire to create maximum overlooks of outdoor green spaces generates great design complexity and the formation of unusual volumes that allow the space to breathe and the dwellings to enjoy great perspectives and unobstructed views. The resulting feeling is that of living in a context of discontinued villas surrounded by greenery: "suspended in a rarefied and permeable architecture."


Giorgiò Palù Architetto