Dellearti Design Hotel

Dellearti Design Hotel







Winner in 2002 of the European Hotel Design Award, DelleArti Design Hotel is a project capable of combining technology with a new idea of comfort, fitting perfectly into the historical reality of the city of Cremona.

The fulcrum of the building is the C-shaped internal courtyard. In this project the glass windows of the rooms facing a well of natural light are made of burnished brass alloy and selective glass. The only dark side of the courtyard, corresponding to the wall of the neighboring building, has been transformed into an open window to the world of culture and information thanks to three large maxi screens broadcasting different images referring to art installations or cultural and sporting events related to the life and activities of the city and the surrounding area. The Hotel houses rooms with their own intimacy, but virtually open to the world and its events. 

In the corridors distributing the rooms, the corrugated wall, which conceals the installations, on the second floor is modulated in shades of red/gold and black/silver; on the second floor, the walls have gold leaf tanning, while the ground floor is modulated in silver leaf and waxed black bold. (ph. Matteo Piazza)


Giorgiò Palù Architetto