Curved Concrete

Curved Concrete







In place of anonymous 1960s concrete building formerly a movie theater on a side street in the historic center of Cremona, a building for residential use, an earthquake-proof, energy-smart, acoustically insulated building with underground garages and all modern conveniences, forcefully imposes the theme of contemporary language consistent with the times.

The project is an articulated volumetric decomposition that generates 3 distinct building bodies: an interior block, one along Anguissola Street, and a bridge that connects them on the third floor.

Unique accommodations rewarded by overlooking private roof gardens, covered and uncovered courtyards, and terraces thus create unexpected spaces in an architecture that thrives on open and foreshortened visions, with studied asymmetries and rhythmic alterations always striving for a dynamic balance.  (ph. Roland Halbe)

Giorgiò Palù Architetto